Kizza Besigye Turns 60!! Social Media goes wild with happy birthday wishes

Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) icon Dr. Kizza Besigye turns 60 today.


He hails from Rwamahwa in Rujumbura, Rukungiri district in South western Uganda.

Kizza Besigye a four time presidential candidate is a darling to Uganda’s social media virtual community.

He has braved through tough times over the past fifteen years. He has been behind police coolers countless times.

Social media is freezing with happy birthday wishes to Dr. Kizza Besigye.

Below are some of the wishes.

May the Lord’s Name be praised! He who has seen you through the darkest alleys, And kept you alive for His purpose. He whose hand has kept death at bay, And protected his child from Rwakabengo. Kizza Besigye, my dear brother and friend May the Lord continue to bless you! May you live to tell your great grandchildren, the stories of a past you shaped. Much love.” Dr. Muniini Mulera.

“Today is Dr Besigye’s birthday. I join the rest of Ugandans in celebrating the life of this selfless gentleman. Today Ugandans no longer understand Besigye to be just that Kasangati activist, Besigye is now an idea,an agenda for fairness and equality, an idea for a Just and Free Uganda,an agenda for a Democratic and Accountable Uganda. But above all, Ugandans understand Besigye also to mean the efforts to dismantle the dictatorship in which we find ourselves as Ugandans so that power can shift from the guns back into the hands of the people who are the official custodians as provided for under Article 1 of 1995 Uganda Constitution. That is why we believe that even if the activist in Kasangati was shot dead,the following day thousands of Besigyes would emerge and revolution would continue. This is the life we are celebrating today. As young leaders, we observe Dr Besigye’s birthday as we reflect on how best we can carry-on his legacy. Am proud to be associated with this struggle. Happy birthday Comrade Besigye.” Byamugisha Moses.

“I follow you Mr. President, because you are my President. Happy 60th Birthday President Kizza-Besigye,” Shawn Mubiru.

“Some little moment off the busy schedule to share a delicious luwombo with the birthday boy. Happy 60th birthday my brother Dr. Besigye.” Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago.

“East Africa’s face of opposition Kizza Besigye turns 60 today; Join us in wishing him a happy birthday.” The Tower Post, campus online news site.

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