M7 Illegally detaining winner of presidential elections — Besigye

Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) presidential candidate in the February 18 presidential elections Dr. Kizza Besigye says he won the polls.


Besigye, a four time presidential candidate while reacting to the Supreme Court ruling in which court dismissed Amama Mbabazi petition yesterday, argued that president Museveni is detaining the rightful winner of the elections.

Since elections, Kizza Besigye has been detained at his Kasanagati home.

“President Museveni is illegally detaining the rightful winner of the presidential elections over the will of people,” he said.

Besigye further noted that if he was to go to court, he wouldn’t demand annulment of elections but declaration of the rightful winner of the election.

He said that if given a chance, he can prove that president Museveni didn’t even get even 50% of the votes.

He noted that Mbabazi didn’t think he would be the petitioner because “candidate close to the one announced has best chances in the petition.”


Besigye described Museveni as an illegitimate president trying to impose himself on the people.

“We have an illegitimate president who is trying to over throw the will of people through his will of power,” he said.

“We have a totally illegitimate process that can never make President Museveni legitimate.”

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