Mamdani is worse than Museveni- Dr Stella Nyanzi

Makerere University Institute of Social research fellow Dr. Stella Nyanzi who was evicted from office by Prof. Mahmood Mamdani on Friday says the institute’s head is worse than president Museveni.


Dr. Stella says she is now taking the war to twitter to bring Prof. Mamdani under her control. Mamdani has got a twitter account and he used it to respond to Dr. Stella’s claims yesterday.

Though Dr. Stella is not a regular twitter user, she loves using Facebook, she is taking lessons on how to use twitter in a bid to win the battle.

“While Mamdani has critiqued M7 (Museveni) & similar autocratic tyrants, he runs @MISR_Mak (Makerere University Institute of Social) worse than the targets of his criticism,” Dr. Nyanzi tweeted.

Adding, “Since Mamdani’s siege on my office at MISR, I am on a mission to expose the #RotAtMISR @MISR_Mak (Makerere University Institute of Social research).

She has also leaked a number of emails detailing Mamdani’s modus operandi at the institute.

In one of the emails, she described Mamdani as a power hungry man who has killed all decision making processes.

“…the manager went over-kill into hoarding all the decision-making power to himself. The manager hunted down, killed and swallowed up all facets of communal decision-making that he found alive at MISR. He swallowed all the fire and power into his single belly. He guzzled up all the deciding wine,” she wrote.

She added: “The manager dances alone at MISR. All the management functions sit in his belly, and come out through his mouth for many feet to implement. It all became a frightening one-man show with the occasional accomplice of one American academic, and the effective implementation of high-heeled supporters too awed to resist, challenge or contest a thing.”

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