Naggalama Is A Dungeon for Humiliation and Torture — Mafabi

By Nathan Nandala Mafabi

We left Najjanankumbi to visit our President Dr. Kizza Besigye who had been blocked from reaching the party headquarters after 45 days of illegal house arrest, today was his first day to move out of his home but still was arrested taken to Kira Road Police Station and later moved to Naggalama.


At 2:00pm we arrived at Naggalama where Dr. Besigye was being held for ‘illegal procession’ as charged by Wandegeya Police Station.

A number of our supporters also arrive with an intent of visiting Dr. Besigye, but they were roughed up, beaten and arrested by the police at Naggalama.

We remained at Naggalama and Dr. Besigye was released but myself, Hon. Wafula Oguttu Phillip and General Mugisha Muntu resolved that we were not leaving without the 7 young men, so we continued sitting in the DPC’s office and Siraj Bakareke said we cannot be allowed to occupy that office, we all went out of the office and sat at the reception.

All of the sudden lights were switched off and Siraj Bakareke and a host of Policemen all smelling drugs (Marijuana) roughed us up and threw us out of the Police and such is Naggalama Police Station is a Dungeon for humiliation and torture.

As we left our young men might be tortured this night but whatever happens we will hold Siraj Bakareke personally responsible.

The rogue police must and should be stopped or else this country is headed for dark times.

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