Surrender Illegal Guns To Police Immediately — James Baba

James Baba, Minister of State Internal Affairs has said that Government of Uganda is undertaking a national arms marking and record keeping process and those with illegal guns should surrender them to police immediately.

James Baba, Minister of State Internal Affairs
James Baba, Minister of State Internal Affairs

“Small arms are responsible for escalating and sustaining conflict and abetting terrorism and other serious crimes,” Baba asserted.

Within the Great Lakes Region and Horn of Africa, many lives have been lost, communities destroyed and economic activities disrupted as a result of the presence of small arms.

“The purpose of this press interaction is therefore to basically inform all civilians with licensed firearms to have them registered before 30th April 2016” said Baba. He added, “if you’re holding a firearm illegally please register it with police.”

Registration of firearms is taking place at all District Police headquarters effective today as part of routine renewal of firearms licenses.

After registration all firearm holders are mandated to have them marked at Kibuli Central Firearms Registry.

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