The Cancer Situation Is Under Control – Hon Baryomunsi

State Minister for Health, MP Baryomunsi has accused traditional media and social media for  blowing up the breakdown of the radiotherapy machine while addressing Parliament. 


The health ministry has come under so much scrutiny for the last couple of days especially on social media with Ugandans using #SaveMulago to voice their disgruntlement with Uganda’s Health System.

The issue was raised on the floor of parliament by Bufumbira East MP Mr. Eddie Kwizera today at 3:30pm.

He raised the concern of the breakdown of the radiotherapy machine as a matter of  national importance.

“This Government already purchased a radiotherapy machine in 2013, why have we been using an old machine? The minister for Health should explain to the house” Hon Kwizera said as he moved to have the house debate the issue.

Hon Baryomunsi then went on to clarify: “There is no cause for alarm, compared to what the media has published, the situation is under control, as Government has received an offer from Aga-Khan hospital in Nairobi to treat up to 400 patients.”

The minister further informed the house that Government will take care of all the bills for the patients, including upkeep, accommodation and the bill for the patients.

Hon Paul Mwiru then suggested that Government should issue an embargo for all cancer patients who need radiotherapy not to be allowed to leave the country, saying this would make Government expedite process of setting up and purchasing the radiotherapy machine.

Woman MP Serere District, Hon Alice Alaso asked the Health Minister if there would be any plans of compensation for the families of cancer victims who have died due to lack of access to radiotherapy.

“Over the weekend we buried a priest in Serere who passed away due to no access to the regular radiotherapy he was receiving.” said Hon Alaso

Speaker Kadaga ruled by asking the Minister to present a list of patients who need radiotherapy and a budget of how much the government plans to spend.


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