Breaking “Joke”: Besigye Sworn In

By By Anisha Uwase

In a response to the Daily Monitor article “OPPOSITION ACCEPT DEFEAT – H.E LUNGU ”

True, I agree with Zambia President HE. Lungu.


The opposition and some of its sympathizers are failing to understand is that what wins an election is not the rhetoric of Besigye saying I won’t run, then he runs.

He says I won’t accept to contest in the election if there are no reforms, then he is among the first people to pick nomination forms, then you tell people that you will not accept the election results then you are the one who again says you won.

It is simple logic for all supporters of the opposition that Besigye unlike other opposition political parties in this country must accept that a brand of an individual cannot work for us here in Uganda now.

The FDC must wake up and build the brand of FDC not the brand of Besigye the person. From the looks, its as if the institution of FDC minus Besigye is no more just like NRM without Museveni. The politics must change.

To the youth who are being driven by Besigye, we must all understand that there are lots of sacrifices that we must offer. You dont expect Besigye even if by miracle he becomes president to directly employ you unless you are his son who by the way is in out of the country studying in 1st class universities.

First we must build our capacity as youth and we become relevant. If you are a youth and you find you can not cater for your lunch for a week and all you do is keep begging from various politicians, then better leave the so called struggles and first establish yourself.

“Our elders say that the sun will shine on those who stand before it shines, on those who kneel under them.” (See Unoka’s response to Okoye’s request in Achebe’s Things Fall Apart.) As youth we must first build our own capacity to ensure that in case of any change, we are ready to take it on. But this ill advised and social media oriented generation of abusers demanding for change. I pity our country Uganda.

Just like in the Igbo society as Achebe refers to them, a man prospers or fails by his own hand. The ones who stand through rough times and work through it prosper the most.

The opposition must learn to respect Ugandans. We are tired of this kind of unrest and selfishness by some elements in the opposition. Start strategizing for the next election. You must go back to the drawing board and plan for the next election, but this business of your continued movements here and there de-stabilizing businesses is uncalled for.

Otherwise I want to thank all the presidents who have so far arrived to witness the swearing in of our newly elected President, Yoweri Museveni. And before I log out I want to tell you a joke, come close: BESIGYE SWORN IN.

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