Gareth Onyango Balloons Nickita Again, Collapses

The news was unearthed by our snoops last weekend that lovebirds and marketing honchos Gareth Onyango and Nickita Evas Bachu are expecting their second child together.

Gareth and Nickita.
Gareth and Nickita.

Our keen eyed snoops have confirmed that Nickita is two months pregnant.

“Nickita last week collapsed due to dizziness and was rushed to a clinic in Nsambya where she was told that she is two Months pregnant,” reveals the snoop.

The snoop further added that Nickita was also advised to quit booze if she wants to have a healthy baby.

“Nickita’s insatiable appetite for booze was finally clipped by the doctors. They told her to quit booze until she gives birth.”

“Even at Opio’s birthday party over the weekend, Nickita looked at booze like a dog nursing another dog.”

This website understands that Nickita was spotted at Cayenne lounge last weekend drinking air as she salivated at Bottles of Jameson and Black Label. She finally found solace in her phone.

Nickita spent the whole evening fingering her phone
Nickita spent the whole evening fingering her phone

Gareth and Nickita already have a baby girl who is around 4 years old.

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