By Anisha Uwase

FDC converges at their Najjanankumbi offices for prayers every Tuesday to petition God over an election they think they won. For over 5 weeks now the prayers whose sole purpose was to keep themselves in the media after the election, for this is their only tool.

FDC leaders in a photo op
FDC leaders in a photo op

The prayers have had constant attendance of people I blame for the FDC disorganization,people who believe they can stay in central region making noise and having media attention til the next election and expect to win an election.

During the FDC presidential flag bearer  Party president Mugisha Muntu told Besigye off that defiance can’t get them votes in the box, adding building structures will. However I get surprised hearing the same man say that they won yet they opted for defiance over building structures by pushing the Besigye agenda.

Going back to the tuesday prayers, there is a man dubbed
“FDC’s offical defiance preacher” Pastor Ngabo who made a best for himself out the Tuesday prayers. However that makes me add him to the lit of the dishonest Ugandans led by “my friend I’ve never met” Kizza Besigye.

The Youthful pastor preached several times before being joined by the religious Judas of our time Bishop Zac Niringiye [before you stone me for the Judas part], yeah he preached against corruption in his BLACK MONDAYS. Agonizingly he dined and favored during TDA, a name that when you ask a Ugandan 5 top corrupt people, that name wouldn’t miss. At least they would hint Temangalo. Zac in short wished Uganda Mbabazi for President,The man he wanted resigned for the oil deals scandals.
Anyways Judas was motivated by something to do what he did, what I don’t know is what motivated the “Ugandan Judas”.

I want to sum up what I think these religious leaders should be telling this group of blue people. If they were honest enough they would tell these people what the Bible would tell them and trust me Mugisha Muntu would shake his head in agreement.

After Judas had killed himself, Christ killed and resurrected, Jesus himself saw the need for structures to spread the gospel, he realised the 12 men were not enough for his agenda so he said to them in
Matthew 28:19 “Therefore go and make disciples”

So FDC build structures, Go preach to people about the  Government programs that can benefit them, that is if you really have them[Ugandans] at heart like you claim. ………Or else it will be harder to convince a rural Operation-Wealth-Creation beneficiary in 2021 to vote you than if you go tell them now to go get that cow, seeds, goats.

Now if you may excuse me [Besigye’s most honest and genuine friend] allow me GO AND MAKE DISCIPLES.

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