Nandala Mafabi pins Museveni on Malwa Group Money

Budadiri West County Member of Parliament last week wondered why government has not budgeted for the Shs2 million that president Museveni promised to the Malwa groups.


The President made the promise in December while campaigning in Amudat district, Karamoja sub region.

“These women who make Malwa are very clever women and they know mathematics very well, they will make a lot of money if they are supported, so therefore I am going to make sure each village receives Shs2million in the whole county,” president Museveni was quoted in a local newspaper.

Nandala Mafabi during a parliament session on Tuesday last week pinned government on failure to allocate money for the realisation of the president’s promise.

“One of the Presidential candidates promised UGx 2Million for the Malwa groups, I don’t see this money in the budget?” he enquired.

He further asked; “Where is the UGx 2Million shillings promised to the Malwa groups under this budget?”

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