Ugandans Speaks Out On “Muhoozi Project” Speculation, Promotion

First son Muhoozi Kainerugaba who was promoted to the rank of Major General, spoke out for the first time on romours that his father, president Museveni is preparing him to take over power.


Muhoozi who is the commander of the Special Forces Command stated that he is not interested in presidency.

“As you heard, I don’t have the ambition to be president. I am very happy being in the military and that is where I intend to stay for some time. It (Muhoozi Project) doesn’t exist, non-existent – that is a red herring,” he stated.

Red Pepper thought for comments of Ugandans on the alleged Muhoozi project and his ‘rapid’ promotion in the army.

“Parents are responsible for grooming their children into responsible people. Always fathers want their sons to emulate them. Probably Mzee (Museveni) is trying to prepare his heir to the throne” Patricia Nambi.

“There is no any problem with their promotions even if he is promoted to the rank field marshal,” Francis Ivan Wakibi.

“He has studied army professional courses he deserves the promotions because he is a professional soldier. The only problem I see most people have is that he is not battle tested,” Mwebaze Edward Mwebaze.

If you were the president and he’s your son, dedicated, if he was a thief everybody would be saying look at the president’s son he is a thief, useless, very ungrateful people, Museven, and Cong’s Muhoozi; fight for our country. I salute you upon that rank,” Siraji Buga.

“Muhoozi is a highly trained and a professional soldier. He took part in many daring military missions in S. Sudan, DRC, and Somalia… He deserved the promotion,” George Ogango.

“Yes he deserve it coz he belong to first family…they must be first in everything,” Tuhumwire Dean.

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