What makes a ‘good looking’ penis revealed by scientists

WARNING: ADULT CONTENT The age-old question of ‘does size matter’ is about the be answered thanks to the diligence of a scientific research team


Anyone familiar with the male member will be aware of the ongoing discussion over what makes the best one.

But now science has given us the answer to the question ‘what makes a good-looking penis’ – and you may be surprised.

Length, girth, hair – all of these considerations and more came up when the Swiss research team asked 105 women what their preferences were in the penis stakes.

Far from the constant worrying about size, it turns out that women rank that particular issue fairly low down their checklist.

Top of the list for the ladies who were of varying ages and racial backgrounds was the general cosmetic appearance.

This includes looking ‘normal’ – including no bumps, bends or growths.

Next was pubic hair appearance, followed by a joint third place for quality of penis skin and girth.

Fifth in the study was shape of the glans or the head of the penis.

Then the length of the member was a consideration, just in front of scrotum aesthetics, and, finally, the appearance of the urethral opening.

The study was performed by showing the women pictures of 20 penises and asking them to rate how they feel about them.

It was carried out to ascertain whether men with surgically-corrected hypospadias – irregular placing of the urethra – were more or less likely to have attractive penises.

Source: http://www.mirror.co.uk/

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