Abryanz ‘Hooks’ Maama Fiina

Abryanz ‘Hooks’ Maama Fiina


Shocking reports emerging suggest that self-styled city celebrity stylist Abryanz real name Ahumuza Brian is these days inseparable with traditional healer Sylvia Namutebi better known as Maama Fiina.

Sources reveal that the leader of traditional herbalists in the country has lately been frequenting Abryanz’s garden City based store for reasons only known to the two.

In fact, people who have seen Maama Fiina at Abryanz’s store are wondering what kind of relationship she could be having with the fashionista.

We are however definitely sure she is not there for the outfit he sells in his shop since most of them are meant for skinny dudes.

Experts have since concluded that Abryanz could have hooked Maama Fiina seeking divine intervention for the sake of his business.

It should be noted that the clothes business is slow, something that prompted the likes of Zari and Judith Heard to close shop while the likes of Sylvia Owori are open to just keep up with appearances for the sake of their brand names.

Zari’s shop at Garden City was closed two weeks ago and the landlord confiscated her items and the space has already been rented out.

However, Abryanz and Maama Fiina could just be good friends or even business partners. Your guess is as good as ours.

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