Committee Drops Atomic Bomb On Dr. Stella Nyanzi

A committee set up to investigate feud between the Dr. Stella Nyanzi and Prof. Mahmood Mamdani at Makerere Institute of Social Research found the former guilty of misconduct and called for a disciplinary action.


The investigation report released yesterday observed that “Dr. Stella’s refusal to take up teaching role assigned to her by the director was in breach of the terms of her appointment.”

It noted that her nude protest premeditated and planed with students sympathetic to her contravened section 5.1(a) of the institution’s human resource manual, which calls upon all staff to at all-time act in a reasonable and responsible manner.

The report also found Dr. Nyanzi culpable of smearing Makerere Institute of Social Research premises with heavy red paint which contravened section 5.6 of Makerere University Human Resource manual which call for disciplinary action.

The committee also found the Human Resource Manager guilty of complacency and failing to offer guidance.

It [report] refuted claims that Prof. Mamdani gave office space to his wife Mira Nair of Mirabai Films since the committee didn’t find any evidence to that effect.

The committee therefore has recommended that Stella Nyanzi be disciplined by Makerere disciplinary committee.

The committee was set up to evaluate Dr Nyanzi and Prof Mamdani conflict, the working conditions and environment at MISR, and the management of financial resources

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