I am not aware of society democratic more than Uganda — M7

President Museveni has lashed at critics of Uganda’s democracy arguing that he is “not aware of any society anywhere in the world that is more democratic than Uganda as far as the forms and structures of democracy are concerned.”


He laughed at those demanding political reforms saying that Uganda has already achieved major reforms.

Museveni made the remarks at the state of the nation address yesterday at Victoria hall, Kampala Serena Hotel.

His comments come at the heels of February 18th presidential polls which according to some election observer weren’t “free and fair.”

“How many other countries in the world have special representation for the women, for the youth, the disabled, the workers or the army? We have also done away with the sub-colonialism and the time following the end of colonialism, before the advent of the NRM leadership,” he noted.

To back his arguments, Museveni referred to IK people, Tepeth people who are represented in the parliament. He also referred to Ssesse and Buvuma Islands.

“Democracy is one area where we do not need aid because that is what we fought for here and in the rest of Africa for many decades,” he noted.

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