I Can’t Work With Mamdani Again –Dr. Stella Nyanzi

Dr. Stella Nyanzi has said she is not willing to work with Makerere Institute of Social Research executive director Prof. Mahmoud Mamdani.


A controversial research fellow who went naked in April protesting closure of her office, Dr. Nyanzi in a Facebook post yesterday confessed that she is not “surprised by the complacent decisions of the lazy, inept and indifferent employers at Makerere University.”

She was responding to a committee report released yesterday and she was guilty of misconduct and called for a disciplinary action.

“I refuse to return to a violently oppressive work-place where I will continue under Mahmood Mamdani’s misogynistic reign of terror. I see nothing wrong with exposing Mamdani’s blatant disregard for rules, laws and policies that govern employment at Makerere University. I am neither apologetic nor remorseful for my protest against Mamdani. I am no longer surprised by the complacent decisions of the lazy, inept and indifferent employers at Makerere University. Pthwak! I spit on all oppression and intimidation at MISR,” Dr. Nyanzi stated.

Prof. Mahmood Mamdani
Prof. Mahmood Mamdani

She further noted; “Listen up! I protested against Mahmood Mamdani’s mismanagement of my job, bullying his underlings, withdrawal of institutional resources for my research, breach of my employment contract, violation of the human resources policy, and overriding of MISR’s institutional mandate. I protested against the longterm lack of responsiveness from all layers of administrative appeal at collegiate and university-wide level, the inertia and indecision of the human resources directorate, and the university management’s neglect of the #RotAtMISR.”

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