Pig and kangaroo form ‘intense, intimate relationship’


By Telegraph Reporter 

“The lion shall lay down with the lamb,” goes the famous biblical misquote.

Nowhere does it say anything about pigs or kangaroos, but that hasn’t deterred these two, whose unconventional relationship is winning them headlines around the world.

The cross-species lovers were caught on camera by researcher Ryan Frazer, who was travelling in Australia’s Northern Territory when he came across them in town of Aileron, around 80 miles north of Alice Springs.

Mr Frazer, a PhD student at Wollongong University, told the NT News that he was looking at the animals through a fence during a rest stop last month  when the kangaroo started behaving amorously towards the pig:


“We were a bit stunned, I was with my boss and it was a bit awkward,” he said. “They were nudging each other then he mounted her.

“Then when the pig mounted the kangaroo … I’ve never seen anything like it.”


“(One of my colleagues) was visiting from North America, it was definitely a memory he’ll take with him, I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not.”

Mark Eldridge, principal research scientist at the Australian Museum, told the BBC: “Hand-raised kangaroos or kangaroos that are habituated to people and other animals can display atypical behaviours.

“I know other cases where hand-raised kangaroos and wallabies … don’t think of themselves as kangaroos anymore and see other animals as potential sexual partners.”

The animals’ owner, Greg Dick, told NT News that the pig, named Apples, and the kangaroo, whose name it too vulgar to publish here, had an intense relationship and were, in his words, “in love.”

“It’s quite an unusual thing,” he added. “I tried to take the pig away the other day and the kangaroo nearly tore the fence down.”

However, the kangaroo is not always faithful to Apples.  “He’ll try to (get on to) anything,” Mr Dick said. “It’s a wonder he hasn’t had a go at the geese.”

Mr Frazer told the Daily Mail: “We were pretty weirded out about the whole thing afterwards and I knew this was something unusual to see.

“I showed a few people over the following days, but I’ve been totally overwhelmed by the reaction now.

“What perhaps was the most surprising about this was the mutual affection between the pair, it was more affection than I’ve seen between a human couple.”

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