Sizzaman, Bebe Cool Lock Horns


Sizzaman, Bebe Cool Lock Horns


He might have been forgotten by many but struggling singer Sizzaman recently revealed he has no respect for Gagamel boss Bebe Cool who is considered a veteran on the scene by many.

While appearing on NTV’s The Beat show last week, Sizzaman accused Bebe Cool of stealing his song titled ‘Badilbada’.

It should be noted that Bebe Cool recently released a new song titled ‘Badilibada’ while Sizzaman’s is ‘Mudilibada’.

However, Sizzaman claims that he recorded his song two months back but delayed to release it until recently when he did.

He goes on to say that he was very disappointed when he heard that Bebe Cool had dropped the same song last week.

A seemingly angry Sizzaman has since blasted the dread locked ‘African Girl’ singer telling him to quit music if he (Bebe) can’t write his own music.

“I will quit music if it reaches a time when I can’t write my music, so Bebe Cool should also do the same,” Sizzaman told the show host Douglas Lwanga.

The ‘Angella’ hit maker says that Ugandan musicians still have a long way to go compared to the artistes of neighbouring countries like Diamond Platinumz of Tanzania.

When asked why he has been off the music scene, Sizzaman said he took a musical break so that he could setup his own studio to avoid the long queues at various studios around town.

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