Tumukunde Vows To Smash Kifeesi


Tumukunde Vows To Smash Kifeesi


New Security minister Lt. Gen. Henry Tumukunde has vowed to smash notorious city criminal gangs like Kifeesi.

While taking over office from Mary Karoro Okurut yesterday, Tumukunde argued that government has defeated terrorism which is more complex and organised.

“We defeated terrorism. It was sophisticated. Very organised,” he said.

“With this whole machine and with you giving us information…they will have to try this business elsewhere.”

He said he will be working with local authorities to get information about the notorious criminal gangs operating in Kampala.

The city criminals operate in groups and have demarcated own territories of operation. According to police crime intelligence, the biggest criminal gang in Kampala is called Kifeesi.

In April, police arrested over 60 suspected members of Kifeesi were arrested.

A documentary by a local TV, NBS aired in April revealed how these criminal gangs operate and their areas of operation.

For instance, Kifeesi is based in Katwe-Kinyoro zone and controls the largest criminal operational area in the city, covering Nkrumah Road, Clock Tower, Conrad Plaza, Entebbe Road traffic lights spot, Kamu-Kamu Plaza, Allen Road, William Street, Market Street, part of Ben Kiwanuka and in city suburbs

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