Football Stadium Becomes A ‘Giant Bathtub’ After Heavy Rain Leaves It Flooded

Football Stadium Becomes A ‘Giant Bathtub’ After Heavy Rain Leaves It Flooded

A football stadium in a Chinese city has been left entirely flooded with water after heavy rains hit the region.

Chinese media have nicknamed the outdoor facility in Ezhou city a ‘giant bathtub’ after pictures of the bizarre scene became popular online after the downpour on July 2.


At least 27 people have died and nearly 7.4 million people affected by heavy rains and flooding in central China’s Hubei province since the bad weather hit the region on June 30, reports Huanqiu, affiliated with the People’s Daily Online.

In Erzhou City, the Mingtang Stadium has been hit by the heavy rains, forming a giant pool of water inside and completely flooding half of the stadium.

According to Chinese media, the stadium built 30 years ago has never been affected by bad weather like this before.

17 cities have been affected with around 12 people still missing.


Eight people were killed in Wuhan when the factory they were working in collapsed, burying them under rubble.

Emergency services have been deployed to the area and have relocated around 3.9 million people

Hubei’s Provincial Civil Affairs Department announced that an area of 556 thousand hectares of crops had been flooded.

They predict that the direct economic loss is 56 billion yuan (£6.4 billion).

CCTV News reported that precipitation in many cities in the province has reached record highs with more than 1,700 reservoirs are above flood control water levels.

Ferry services in the region have all been suspended.

The province is expected to see rainstorms continue over the next day or two.

Meanwhile the country is also bracing itself for its first major typhoon of the year which is expected to hit the country’s east coast within the next four days.


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