Police Patrol Car Intentionally Knocks Down A Civilian

Police Patrol Car Intentionally Knocks Down A Civilian

As police brutality cases are still in courts of law, another shocker involving a police patrol car intentionally knocking down one of Besigye supporters left many speechless.

As soon as Besigye was released from prison on court bail, he had to go back to his Kasangati based home.

He however had to be escorted by police convoy as a way of preventing him and his supporters from causing chaos in the city.

As it is the order of the day that wherever he passes his supporters have to paralyze the city in excitement, they were seen waving at him as he headed home.

Signs of police brutality started to be seen in Kalerwe road where Besigye supporters who were standing near the road started receiving some whips from police officers on patrol cars.

This did not attract much attention from people since they expected it as it was the order of the day, but a video footage from NTV on Saturday evening shocked the nation.

In the footage, Police patrol car intentionally knocked down a civilian along Kyebando road and another officer in plain clothes gave the victim a back kick that left everyone traumatized and wondering.

Police Speaks out

The Police have instituted inquiries in response to a video footage that emerged of a police pick-up, appearing to have knocked and brushed a man to the roadside.

The alleged victim, who is still unidentified, was maliciously charged and kicked at by another unidentified man with a helmet and in civilian attire, whom many claim to be part of security.

The video by a civilian journalist was kept quiet until when it was released yesterday by the media, from a previous public order incident, with traces of alleged police brutality, for which disciplinary court hearings were taking place.

We do admit that the alleged actions by the police driver in the video footage are concerning and highly regrettable by management.

As a result, the Professional Standards Unit (PSU), upon reviewing the footage, is working hard to identify the victim, the police pick-up, its driver and car commander, which officers will have to be suspended from operational duties, pending outcome of the investigations.

It will in addition, use the video to justify evidence of professional misconduct by selected officers undergoing disciplinary court processes.

Although, many questions about our policing and accountability have been asked in the last one month, we highly encourage the filming and release of videos on sensitive police related incidents, as a very important step in promoting transparency in the course of our duties; provided it does not interfere with a police officer on duty, and or refusal to obey a lawful order, obstruct an arrest or police action among others.

This is consistent with our commitment to increased transparency through various rectification campaigns, which is essential in rebuilding and strengthening our trust with the public, we police.

We are meanwhile engaging and re-engaging our officers on the minimum use of force, through better communication especially intense and fast moving public order policing situations.

For this we are confident of our ability to continue protecting the safety and security of all Ugandans and visitors, whom we request not to judge the entire police force by the actions of a few bad officers.

CP Fred Enanga

Press and Public Relations Officer

Uganda Police

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