Col. Kulayigye Fired Over Dubious Gold Deal

Col. Kulayigye Fired Over Dubious Gold Deal

Uganda Peoples Defence Forces (UPDF) Chief Political Commissar, Col Felix Kulayigye has been fired from his post, the army spokesperson has revealed.

Lt Col Paddy Ankunda confirmed this development on his twitter handle on Wednesday evening saying Kulayigye

“I am receiving incessant calls about the fate of Hon Col Felix Kulayigye. Truth is #Hon Col Felix Kulayigye has been suspended from office of Chief Political Commissar,” Ankunda tweeted.

Ankunda revealed that, he has been suspended “Pending further inquiries about his conduct in the issue of gold business.”

Two months ago, a Kampala businessman accused Kulayigye of kidnapping and torturing his employees.

Richard Kamugisha accused Kulayigye of raiding his office in Ntinda, looting it and kidnapping his employees who were later tortured over a gold deal which turned sour.

According to Kamugisha, Col. Kulayigye allegedly stormed Matrich holdings, a Kampala based firm that trades in gold, where he ordered the arrest of the employees whom he accused of fleecing his niece of $49,000.

The army officer who is an MP will remain parliament.

“However Kulayigye remains in parliament as UPDF representative despite the suspension,” Ankunda added.



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  1. This was long OVERDUE, Tangu zamani, a soldier is NOT allowed to do business, reason is s/he can finance a war or with a lot of money, s/he tends to be un-touchable to bosses, in fact he should even be demoted to Sergent!!

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