Frank Gashumba To Deliver Keynote Speech at Uganda-UK youth Forum In London

Frank Gashumba To Deliver Keynote Speech at Uganda-UK youth Forum In London

Ugandans in the UK are excited of Frank Gashumba, who will give Key Note Speech at 2016 Uganda-UK Convention (Youth Forum) in London on the 10 September 2016 at Troxy arena.

In a statement on his Facebook, Gashumba published that, “From a small tiny office on Jinja Road in 2010 to Europe’s oldest city London. Sisimuka Uganda was hatched by young Men and Women who believed that you don’t have to hold a title to change lives of others and that we are all Leaders.

Out of our core Values and Beliefs, Sisimuka Uganda has transformed the Lives of Ugandans through Mind-set Change as Our Motto says” Changing Mind-sets, Creating Self Belief, Transforming Lives and Communities“I have Personally Visited 121 Schools in the last 5 years, 36 town hall meetings, Countless Engagements with the Youth and I want to be quoted, No living Ugandan has interacted with the youth like me.

He further said, “To the Youth Reading this Post, NO one will Write Your Destiny. You want a great Future, Associate with those who have Big Dreams. Be Selective with who you Surround Yourself with. When was the last time you saw an Eagle Fly with Pigeons? Distance yourself from Drugs, Alcohol. We become like the 5 people we spend our time with. When the Road gets tough, don’t just Quit. Just change your Shoes.
Push yourself to the edge of your limits. Not every closed door is locked. Push!! Don’t focus on looking like Money. Focus on having it!! Don’t lock yourself in one area, your dream might be outside that zone. Start something new, whether it ends good or bad, it will be an experience. Blow up your mind and raise above negative people and to become wealth, never take advice from a broke person.
Those who ask you that they don’t see you in club, tell them you also don’t see them in the bank. Don’t be afraid of being different, be afraid of being the same as everyone else.”

We also thank Turkish Airlines who has offered our speakers including Mr. Gashumba a Business Class ticket to attend the Uganda-Uk convention.

About Frank Gashumba

Frank Gashumba is a self-made entrepreneur, activist and inspirational speaker of the new generation. He is referred to by many as “voice of hope” and the “the voice of the voiceless – Millions of Ugandans are inspired through his weekly radio & television broadcasts.


The Founder and Chief Strategist of National Action for Awakening Uganda (NAAU), also known as Sisimuka Uganda, Frank Gashumba, also the Chairman of Mali Group of Companies, has been lauded as one of the most influential persons of our generation.



The coordinator of the forum Mrs Zaharah Kayongo said that “as the Ugandan immigrant population ages, we need to prepare our youth for the time to pass on the task to them when the time for most us to retire.  Incredibly, Uganda is currently enjoying over $800 million remitted from the Diasporas. The current average age of active money remitters is 45years and within the next 10 years most of them will be retiring leading to less money being remitted back home or even within the diaspora community. It is critical that we prepare the youth not only as future leaders, business people but as respective Ugandans who can increase the prosperity of their motherland and local communities.”

The purpose of this annual Youth forum is to promote youth inclusion in shaping the future of Uganda and our Diaspora community by tackling issues that challenge their wellbeing. The Forum brings together a diversity of young voices: young women and men from various walks of life and tribal affiliations in the Diaspora and from Uganda. These include youth activists, youth mentors, motivation speakers, young social entrepreneurs, youth bloggers, members of youth NGOs and other civil society organizations, youth with disability and officials of the various Kingdoms from Uganda.

Through dialogue, we hope that young people will build an understanding of each other’s points of view, and in the process find common ground. We are optimistic that the forum will be a catalyst for sustained youth dialogue and organizing in the Diaspora.

Speakers at the youth Forum include:

  • Lord Popat, Prime Minister’s Trade Envoy to Uganda and Rwanda
  • Omulangira Crispin Kiweewa Juunju: Prince, Buganda Kingdom.
  • Pastor Jessica Kayanja: Founder-Girl Power Ministries
  • Mrs Rose Izizinga, Headmistress: Kitante Hill School, Kampala, Uganda
  • Frank Gashumba: Chairman, Mali Group & Founder Sisimuka Uganda
  • Taha Coburn-Kutay, Chairman, UK Asian Business Council (UKABC)
  • Dimple Khagram: Skill-Serve Training
  • Hayley Mulenda, Award Winning Motivational Speaker and Entrepreneur
  • Patricia Ssewungu: Author –” A Piece of Cake”

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