I Will Not Rule Beyond 75 yrs – M7

I Will Not Rule Beyond 75 yrs – M7

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni has lifted the lid on his future plans saying that any good leader across the world should rule beyond the age of 75 years.

Museveni said this in an interview with Patrick Kamara, a local Ugandan journalist. A video clip of the previously unseen interview has been circulating on social media sites.

“I think after 75…the vigor is not as much after 75 years…i know there are some leaders who have been leading even beyond 75,” Museveni said.

He added, “I think if you want very active leaders,  it is good to have those below the age of 75.”

When asked if he would go beyond 75, he replied,”Not at all.”

President Museveni’s comments come on the heels of growing debate about the possibility of changing the country’s law on presidential age limit. The East African country’s constitution stipulates that for one to be president, he/she should be above 40 years and below 75 years (article 102(b).

Recently, the president met the Kyankwanzi NRM district leaders who passed a resolution calling for the lifting of article. Museveni has insisted that talk on the same is diversionary.


3 thoughts on “I Will Not Rule Beyond 75 yrs – M7

  1. Hihihihi, Mr. Presdo, when you look at yo picture here, how old do you think you are?? We have heard this MANY TIMES, is this a reminder AGAIN?

  2. When Museveni put this law, he was doing it to exclude Obote then. He did not realise the law would affect him. My own gues is Museveni will remove this law but he will not benefit from the removal.

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