MP Muhanga Sold Cows and Goats to Raise Shs10.2bn to buy UBC land

MP Muhanga Sold Cows and Goats to Raise Shs10.2bn to buy UBC land

Margaret Muhanga, The MP of Burahya County in Kabarole district shocked Ugandans when she told colleagues in a parliamentary committee that she sold goats and cows to raise Shs10.2billion which she used to purchase 23.1 acres of UBC land in Bugolobi a Kampala suburb.

The development came when Budadiri West MP, Nandala Mafabi asked her the source of money.

What was the source of the money? Mafabi asked; “Cows, goats and everything,” Muhanga boldly replied.

This website understands that in 2014, Ms Muhanga bought 23 acres of land belonging to Uganda Broadcasting Corporation (UBC).

UBC sold the 23.1 acre piece of land in the Kampala suburb of Bugolobi to a firm called Haba Group at Shs11.5 billion.

But after three months, Haba group sold the land to another firm at Shs22 billion without completing the payment within the date agreed upon with UBC.

UBC’s then Managing Director consequently terminated the sale agreement and the matter was taken to court.

The Court directed that the land be sold to the highest bidder after UBC failed to refund the money to Haba Group within the 60 days that were stipulated.

Margaret Muhanga, who was then the Kabarole Woman MP, is reported to have bought the land at Shs10.2 billion.

Twitter Explodes

Upon knowing that MP Muhanga sold goats and cows to raise Shs10.2bn, Ugandans on Twitter trolled the legislator under the hashtag #HowMuhangaGot10Bn and below are some of the hilarious tweets.

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