Stanbic Bank Set To Lose Customers Over Kibuule Assault Saga

Stanbic Bank Set To Lose Customers Over Kibuule Assault Saga

By Serestino Tusingwire

Many Stanbic bank customers have vowed to close their bank accounts and those who were yet to open them have sworn never to due to the bank’s apology letter to State Minister of water Ronald Kibuule over the Mukono branch incident last week.

Kibuule allegedly beat Hellen Obuku, a Stanbic bank security guard in Mukono as she insisted that he undergoes a routine security check at the bank and thereafter ordered for her arrest in which she collapsed while being taken to Police to record a statement.

Kibuule however denies the accusations and uses an apologetic letter from Stanbic banks CEO Patrick Mweheire as his defense that he did not assault the lady.

In the letter, Mweheire apologized to Min. Kibuule for whatever went wrong during that day and even denounced the security guard that she is not their employee.

“I wish to convey sincere apologies for inconveniences and embarrassment this incident might have caused you. The security guard is not a Stanbic employee. We have communicated with the security company to remedy the problem going forward,” Mweheire fearfully apologized.

This has therefore stirred peoples’ reactions who are wondering how can the bank try to cover something that even a blind person can see.

They have however threatened to close their bank accounts.

See the reactions;

Dr-Kiyimba Joseph I have directed my attorney in Kampala to close all my Family Bank Accounts in Stanic bank with immediate effect. That’s my personal Stanbic bank accounts, my wife Dr. Margaret’s Stanbic bank accounts and the accounts for our two Children. We ceased to be customers of Stanbic Bank Uganda the day they apologized to Minister Ronald Kibuule instead of taking collective civil and criminal action against him. I have also directed all Directors of my Companies and Organizations in Uganda to close all Bank Accounts in Stanic Bank Uganda with immediate effect. We cannot tolerate their actions which is a travesty of Justice! How can Minister Ronald Kibuule assault a female security guard and the Bank doesn’t step in to help her? This is grossly unfair! If President Yoweri Museveni and the Ugandan Parliament cannot take punitive and disciplinary action against Minister Ronald Kibuule then let the general public take action!

Karick Matthew If I had an account with Stanbic, I’d run it dry and leave the bank, how can u apologize to someone who took the law by his hands, a very well educated person and a minister would easily make a report about the incident but instead slap a of all people a woman? What a loser. No need for second response, we read the first one.


Fredrick SajjalyaKabaka Gelubunga My response is only to those with accounts in Stanbic accounts to close them, if they only respect the wrong doing, minister insulted the woman this is punished by the law, and I wish this woman to shoot the minister with just one bullet, coz there is …See More

Iryn Nankya They are stupid but with this Uganda I can’t be surprised; good am not their customer because if they don’t value their employees then they are so cheap and rotten so they want to tell us Kibuule has the biggest share in their bank……. anyway hopelessness just mmmsscchheewww

Praizing Nywerlynder My solidarity is to ensure that me, and the children of my children will never at all open a bank a/c with Stanbic, i closed mine yesterday. Period.

Couche Ivan Tush Nonsense, it that the best they can do, we are closing the accounts whether they like it or not, till they learn to accord everyone respect. Whether you are a cleaner or security person, they deserve respect n protection from their employers. I repeat that letter is nonsense

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