Africell subscribers to earn triple MBs on daily purchases

Africell subscribers to earn triple MBs on daily purchases

Africell this morning unveiled an enormous campaign that will see data subscribers get three times more data at no extra cost. Dubbed “Triple MBs campaign”, the package will see subscribers who purchase 200 MBs and above on their daily data bundle receive 3 times the value of their data capacity FREEE of charge

The network was ranked the fastest telecom in Uganda last December by Open Signal on the basis of fast internet speeds are also Uganda’s data market leaders with nearly all of their customers hailing the network for the uninterrupted internet speeds needed to run business and social transactions. Increased data would mean more value for the customers, a value trend that Africell is better known for.

Milad Khairallah Africell’s Commercial Director says the Triple data campaign is a reward to their data customers who have continuously trusted Africell for their famed network speeds.

Africell is presently Uganda’s leading 3G+4G LTE network, an attribute Africell heavily invested in to give their customers fast and reliable internet speeds. “Africell is enthusiastic about giving value for money for all segments of our customers.

For our ever growing number of data subscribers, we are in full gear to boost demand with device subsidies, faster networks, and all-you-can-consume data pricing plans. This triple your data promotion is just the start” Milad said

The launch of the triple MBs campaign by Africell comes on the heels of another promotion targeting university students who were rewarded with golden sim cards that receive an extra 25 MBs of free data for every recharge.

The continued offer of huge data bundles stems from the network’s desire to satisfy their growing number of consumers who have a seemingly insatiable thirst for mobile data.

New affordable devices—powered by better, faster software—and an ever-expanding selection of apps continue to enhance the user experience for Africell’s customers.

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