M7 Cites Sectarianism As The Prime Cause Of Unrest

M7 Cites Sectarianism As The Prime Cause Of Unrest

By Serestino Tusingwire

President Yoweri Museveni has urged world leaders to stop sectarianism if they are to end wars and refuge influx in Africa.

While speaking at the United Nations Summit in US on Tuesday, Museveni told the world leaders that often, the refugees “are running from sectarian persecution occasioned by the ideological bankruptcy of the groups involved that rely on indisciplined and criminal armies or militias.”

“In order to end the phenomenon of refugees, the ideology of sectarianism must be condemned and banished by the AU, supported by the UN,” Museveni said.

He gave Rwanda as an example of why world leaders should always know the genesis of each refugee problem, and how a bad situation can produce well at the end.

He also coughed at indisciplined armies and rebel groups which severely treat innocent civilians and urged world leaders to bring this to an end.

“Indisciplined armies and rebel groups must be black-listed and punished.  It is not correct to continue treating such criminals with velvet gloves or to continue treating the symptoms but not the disease itself.”

Museveni said it is also not correct to treat African refugees as if they are “flukers seeking to consume the resources of the indigenous people.”

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