M7 finally recognizes Besigye’s contribution to the country

M7 finally recognizes Besigye’s contribution to the country

By Serestino Tusingwire

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni is on September 26 set to decorate his long time political rival Dr. Kizza Besigye with Golden Jubilee medal for the first time since 1986.

The renowned opposition icon features on the list of legislators that are to be awarded the Golden Jubilee medal later this month.

“The Speaker of Parliament in conjunction with the Presidential Awards Committee have organized the Golden Jubilee Awards Ceremony for Members of Parliament who have served in the different legislatures from the time of Uganda’s independence,” a parliament statement reads in parts.

The awards will according to the House statement, be given in “recognition to their service to the nation”.

It should be noted that it’s the President who usually presides and decorates the recipients with medals in which Besigye will be inclusive.

It’s not yet clear whether the Besigye who is currently out of the country will attend the ceremony at the Kampala Serena Hotel.

Dr. Besigye was both a member of the National Resistance Council (NRC) and the Constituent Assembly (CA) which preceded the current House.

Besigye’s wife Winnie Byanyima is also on the list. She is the former Mbarara Municipality MP.

This would be the first time for Besigye to be awarded any medal though he actively participated in the 1981-86 NRA/NRM liberation struggle, as among others President Museveni’s personal physician.

President Museveni said his now four time challenger would be awarded a medal for his participation in the liberation struggle.

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