Religious leaders warn MPs over Abortion bill

Religious leaders warn MPs over Abortion bill

By Serestino Tusingwire

Following rumors that the government through the Ministry of Health is to table the Abortion bill to parliament soon as a way of combating maternal mortality, religious leaders have spoken strongly against it.

The recent one to condemn the bill is the Mufti of Uganda, Sheikh Shaban Mubajje who yesterday during eid al adha celebrations warned the government and advocates of the proposed law on abortion to stop it, saying the practice is unacceptable in the faith

Addressing the Muslim faith at Gaddafi Mosque in Old Kampala, Sheikh Mubajje described legalizing abortion as murder.

“In our culture, abortion is bad. We cannot begin referring to other countries because their culture is different, and besides, there are other challenges we are facing as a country such as poverty and corruption, violence in families, which we have to fight other than focusing on ungodly things,” the Mufti said.

Another clergy who has already condemned the bill is the outspoken Rev. Fr. Gaetano Batanyenda, Priest of Kitanga Parish in Kabale district.

Fr. Batanyenda says such a debate on the floor of a Ugandan parliament is a direct mockery of God’s authority.

He appealed to all the religious leaders to strive to resist the introduction of the debate on the floor of parliament which is said is not only against the religious teachings but also culturally abominable.

“Fortunately I heard the Archbishop Stanley Ntagali speaking strongly against it, so I hope other bishops are listening and have got eyes to see; please if you don’t want to speak for the people, who are suffering, let’s speak for God. It’s much said” Fr. Gaetano noted.

The former Ethics and Interiority Minister Hon James Nsaba Butuuro has also vowed to fight the bill with all his energy.

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