Security tightened at Nambole ahead of Comoros game

Security tightened at Nambole ahead of Comoros game

By Serestino Tusinwire

Security has been tightened at and around Mandela National Stadium, Nambole ahead of the Uganda Cranes final group match against Comoros on Sunday September, 4.

Frank Mwesigwa, the Kampala Metropolitan police commander, said they have deployed overt and covert security personnel from the specialized units like counter terrorism, fire directorate and crime intelligence.

while addressing the media at KMP Central Police Station on Friday, Mwesigwa warned evil minded people not to dare cause havoc or engage in acts of theft, wallet snatching and pick-pocketing saying they will be dealt with accordingly.

“This is a big event where criminals always want to take an advantage. We therefore warn evil minded people not to disturb spectators. They will be in contact with the security personnel,” Mwesigwa said.

Mr. Mwesigwa said no spectator shall be allowed to access the stadium with drinks in bottles or food in metallic objects for security purposes.

The police have cautioned designated service providers to access the venue before 8am or else they will be denied entry. In addition, hawkers will not be allowed near the entrance and exit doors to avoid congestion.

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