ANC Honchos Demand Zuma Resignation As Protests Escalate

ANC Honchos Demand Zuma Resignation As Protests Escalate

Stalwarts from South Africa’s governing African National Congress have called on President Jacob Zuma to step down, the Fin24 website reports.

It quotes an emailed statement from a pressure group called Save South Africa, made up of some highly-respected veteran ANC members.

They include the former finance minister Trevor Manuel.

The statement said they have “deep concern” about the state of the country.

Fin24 adds that the group wants to meet with President Zuma to talk about “the leadership that is required to chart a way to stability, economic growth and the rights and promises contained in the constitution”.

The ANC is deeply divided, and if there is one thing President Zuma has done a great job of keeping those loyal to him close through key government positions.

While this group of “dissidents” is respected in society they are unlikely to stir the president into action.

Calls for Mr Zuma to step down are not new and have taken many forms including marches through South Africa’s major cities. Not a single one of them has been successful, or remotely close to it.


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