Court Okays Money for MPs’ Vehicles

Court Okays Money for MPs’ Vehicles

By Serestino Tusingwire

The Constitutional Court in Kampala on Thursday dismissed the petition which had sought temporary orders to block the payment of Shs150m for Vehicles.

A concerned citizen, Sanywa Twaha had applied to court to stop the government from paying Shs84 billion to MPs for their personal cars and said unless that was done, the taxpayers would suffer irreparable loss.

He argued that if the court finally found in the main judgment that the money had been wrongly paid out, it would be unrecoverable as many MPs would have left parliament or died.

However Justice Richard Buteera rejected this claim and ruled that the money can still be recovered if court finds that it was inappropriately paid out to MPs.

MPs are now free to enjoy the government cash, buy personal vehicles and traverse their respective Constituencies as they claim.

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