FDC youth leader goes missing, Last seen on 9th, says family

FDC youth leader goes missing, Last seen on 9th, says family

By James Musiime

11 October 2016, Kampala – Re-known FDC youth leader Isaac Muwonge has gone missing since 9th October, People close to the activist have not seen and fear he may have been taken by government security agencies.

“He’s often been getting threatening calls from unknown numbers and callers” said one of his close allies who declined to give his names for fear of retaliation by the government.

His wife says Mr Muwonge called her late in the evening and informed her that he will be a bit late for the day, he’s to catch a football match at a local bar around his home area. And that’s the last time she heard from him.

When our reporter contacted the police CID about the whereabouts of Mr Muwonge, the spokesperson promised to investigate on the matter. However his family and friends claim the authorities have ignored their calls upon reporting the case of Mr Muwonge’s disappearance.

“The government should step up efforts to find out what happened to my husband” said his wife Mrs Kibirige Muwonge.

“If he’s in detention, the authorities should reveal his whereabouts and either promptly charge and try him, or release him. If he’s dead, they should make public the circumstances of his death.” She continued.

The FDC party is proposing to take the matter to court to get court orders for the police to produce or avail the whereabouts of their member.

Issac Muwonge is a renowned FDC youth leader whose efforts have seen many youth cross of over to FDC party in numbers recently.

He’s once a member of the Uganda young democrats, a youth wing of the Uganda Democratic Party.

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