Go slow on Chinese – M7 tells parliament

Go slow on Chinese – M7 tells parliament

By Serestino tusingwire

President has warned members of the Natural Resources Committee that their actions against some Chinese firms have a far-reaching impact that includes cutting aid and injuring diplomatic ties with China.

The committee has recently been investigating illegal sand excavations in Lwera and Entebbe, and had put a temporary ban on the activities of ten companies mining sand in the wetland along the Kampala-Masaka road.

Last Friday President Museveni summoned members of the natural resources committee for a brief on their investigations into developments on the Karuma and Isimba hydro-power projects.

One of the members of parliament’s Natural Resources Committee said that the President directed the committee to go slow on the Chinese firms mining sand in Lwera wetland in Kalungu district.

However, the committee chairperson Alex Byarugaba was non-committal about what was discussed in the Friday meeting and it is said that some other committee members are willing to disregard President Museveni’s advice over the conservation of the wetland.

The depletion of Lwera wetland, according to environmentalist acts as a water catchment area, effects aquatic life and the water levels of Lake Victoria, as well as several rivers in Gomba, Kalungu and Mpigi districts.

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