Mayanja Nkangi’s Daughter In Sex Wars

Mayanja Nkangi’s Daughter In Sex Wars

Police in Kampala is investigating circumstances under which Miseveni Ex-Minister and former Uganda Land commission boss Joarsh Mayanja Nkangi’s Sweden based daughter, Shamim Mayanja has shuttered Ismail’s sex life and relationship.

According to Ismail who accuses Shamim Mayanja of eloping with his fiancé Jenipher Pearl Kanyange   and marrying her into a lesbian relationship.

Police  in Wandegeya has since opened up a case on file number SD REF: 45/01/10/2016  and also written to Interpol since Ismail claims her daughter  he fathered with Kanyange before relocating to Sweden is in danger.

Ismail told police that, “I met Kanyange Jennipher Pearl way back and though we didn’t have a serious relationship, one thing led to another and we had a child together.

“In 2013, Pearl told me she had met a Swedish man and she wanted to move to Sweden and asked me if it was KK if she travelled with our daughter.

“She assured me that he was a good person and if things didn’t work out, she would leave him and if it was ok   she would send my daughter to visit annually.

“All was well till she wouldn’t let me talk to my daughter and when I asked about   sending her to visit me, she started ignoring my calls and if she picked, was always yelling obscenities calling me all sorts of things.

“One day, a friend sent me a post he had picked up on Facebook wondering if that wasn’t the mother of my child they were talking about and to my shock it was.

I asked her about the post that Ashburg Katto had written and her response was, “What I do with my life is nobody’s business”

I raised concern about her lifestyle affecting our daughter but it all fell on deaf ears. She told me “Ismail pretend we have never met. I don’t know you … Me and you have never had a kid together.. So the next time you wanna waste my time, let it be your lawyer calling my lawyer with a court order for a DNA test to satisfy your curiosity “.

I went around her Facebook to get answers and I found more confirmation that the mother of my child was indeed a lesbian and to make matters worse, she lived openly about it not considering the wellbeing of my child. Ismail has vowed not to rest until he secures his kid.

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