October 18, 2016

Pictures Of ‘Deformed’, Swollen MC Kats Nursing Injuries Emerge

Pictures Of ‘Deformed’, Swollen MC Kats Nursing Injuries Emerge

After being given a thorough beating by his fiancé Fille Mutoni, pictures MC Kats with swollen lips and deformed face have emerged.

The picture of MC Kats that is circulating on social media, he has a swollen face as if he was stung by bees.

Sources close to MC Kats have also revealed that the pencil thin MC cannot even afford to go to work.

“His Schmidt sting pain index is around level 3, the burning sensation was immediate and overwhelming and he his nursing other injuries,” revealed the source.

This website understands that over the weekend, since Fille Mutoni thumped MC Kats to pulp over infidelity related issues.

Some social media commentators have opined that this might be a stunt of getting cheap popularity ahead of Fille’s concert.

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