Pro Trump Supporters Arrested in Kampala

Pro Trump Supporters Arrested in Kampala

Five youth activists marched to the U.S embassy in Kampala to express their support for the U.S Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump.

The youths, who are affiliated to a group known as the Uganda Young Democrats, were carrying placards calling on Americans to vote for Trump in next month’s polls.

The activitists were however chased away from the gate of the U.S Embassy by policemen and two of them were arrested.

“Today we have decided to come and campaign for president Donald trump because among the candidates in the race he is the only man who said he will become president of America and fight all the African dictators including Museveni,” said Kizza Hakim a member of Uganda Young Democrats adding that; “When we reached at the Embassy, we were surprised that even Gen Kayihura had given instructions not to allow us access the embassy yet the embassy is a land of America.”

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