Sexy Seanice Lonely Again

Sexy Seanice Lonely Again

A few weeks ago we unleashed the lucky dude drilling the oil wells of city sex siren Seanice Mukisa.

Seanice was smoked out having fun with UK based serial dater Elly Kasule at Nambole Stadium during the Pro-line game, where they stormed hand-in-hand.

Snoops reveal that the two fellows were every inch in love going by the way they were displaying their affection in public.

However, latest info reaching this desk has it that Kasule flew out of the country two weeks ago, leaving Seanice crying buckets of tears because of loneliness.

But we have learnt that after a few days the sex goddess has started recuperating from nostalgia over Kasule.

Snoops intimate that last week she organized herself a birthday party at Club Play but throughout the night Seanice looked so lonely, with all indications that she is missing her man.

Although she had invited most of her girl-friends to the gig, loneliness was written all over her face.

Snoops reveal that Seanice hooked Kasule in August this year when he jetted into the country for a short holiday and the two were head-over-heels for each other during the time he was here.

We wonder whether she will be faithful and stay lonely till he returns, or she is now already up for grabs.

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