3 in 4 Americans deem Trump’s election legitimate

3 in 4 Americans deem Trump’s election legitimate

A great majority of Americans say Donald Trump’s unexpected presidential election victory was legitimate, a new poll shows, as nationwide protests against his election enters its fifth day.

The new ABC News/Washington Post survey released Sunday found that 74 percent of Americans accept Trump’s victory over his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton although there was a huge partisan divide over the outcome of the November 8 vote.

According to the poll, 99 percent of Trump’s Republican supporters said he was legitimately elected. The figure dropped to 58 percent among Democrats.

Among people who did not vote for any of the two major-party candidates, 62 percent agreed with the result of the election.

Before Tuesday’s face-off, 87 percent of Clinton’s supporters and 68 percent of Trump’s had indicated their willingness to accept the results regardless of the winner.

Despite losing the popular vote, Trump was able to clench a historic victory by winning 290 electoral votes. The former secretary of state took 228 votes after losing key states.

Since Trump’s election, thousands of protesters have been holding rallies in various parts of the US, urging him to resign over his racist and divisive campaign pledges.

Trump has vowed to deport millions of undocumented immigrants and build a wall on the border with Mexico to prevent Latinos from illegally entering the US.

He has also shown great pessimism towards immigrants coming from Islamic countries, proposing a ban on all Muslims entering the US. In Trump’s view, Muslim Americans should wear certain IDs that facilitate easier tracking in case of a terror attack.

On Saturday, at least 2,000 people marched to Trump Tower, the site of the president-elect’s residence and corporate headquarters in New York. As the march began to move, the number of participants grew closer to the 10,000 mark.

Over 200 people were detained in similar protests in the state of California, including in the major city of Los Angeles. Portland, Oregon, has also been the scene of protests since Tuesday.

Activists across the country say they plan to build momentum ahead of the president-elect’s inauguration ceremonies in Washington on January 20.

Moreover, a “million-women-march” is also being planned on the nation’s capital for the inauguration day, to protest Trump’s widely-reported instances of mistreating women.

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