Besigye Gains Diaspora support

Besigye Gains Diaspora support

By Brian Kwesiga

Recently, FDC icon Rtd Col Dr. Kizza Besigye has been holding several meetings with Ugandans in the diaspora and it has been revealed that he is now very popular.

It has also been revealed that giving keynote speeches on platforms like Uganda UK convention and UNAA impacted a lot on his popularity.

Recently, Besigye commended UK convention for promoting Uganda’s image abroad.

“I would like to point out that I attended the Uganda – UK convention on trade and investment where Ugandans organise it on their own. It’s not a government program. It is a program of a private initiative for a man called Willy Mutenza,” said Besigye recently.

Many people who thought that Mutenza was promoting NRM initiates were shocked to see Besigye give a keynote address.

“Many of our people in London were against my going, saying how can you go to that NRM thing? I said No, that NRM thing has invited me and it’s a wonderful opportunity to tell them what we think those of us who are not in NRM,” said Besigye.

About the convention Besigye said that it’s a good platform for promoting Uganda.

“It was indeed a very good opportunity because there were a number of people who were keen to know about Uganda and I told them that Uganda is a wonderful place but it is run wrongly.”

When our reporter contacted Mutenza who recently won a community Icon award,he reveaved that the platform is for all Ugandans regardless of their political affiliations.

“We are a private and independent organisation who embrace all participants regardless of their political and tribal affiliation,” Mutenza said

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