LIRA: Kyambade Orders for Inquiry, ‘Expulsion’ Of Illegal Indian Traders

LIRA: Kyambade Orders for Inquiry, ‘Expulsion’ Of Illegal Indian Traders 


By Milton Emmy Akwam

Trade and Industry Minister, Amelia Kyambade has ordered for immediate investigation on some Indian traders who have invaded Lango Sub-region most notably, those operating in Lira district.

Her directive follows a five hour meeting chaired by Lira Municipality MP, Jimmy Akena held at Lira district council hall on Friday. The meeting was to amend how both local and Indian traders in the district who are at loggerhead can work in unity other than protest and threats.

Local traders through their umbrella body Lango Business Community chairperson’s Godwin Achai had organized a three day sit down protest that commenced on Friday to express their anger over Indian influx and engaging in ‘their business’

“Whereas Uganda is among the East African States extending its operation in terms of trade, industrial portfolio, and exchange with other foreign countries like India, we as government is aware of illegal stay of these Indian traders,” Kyambade said.

She then added: “By 31st December, 2016, all Indian must sort themselves with Ministry of Internal Affair (Immigration Department). Without that, they (Indian investors) will have to leave Uganda,” she ordered.

The Minister directed Immigration department in Lira district to start investigating, arresting and liaising with Kampala offices so that illegal traders are deported forthwith

In their demand letter to Minister Amelia, LBC ordered Minister Amelia to chase Indian within two weeks or then take actions

However, their demand was blasted by Kyambade who said that was ‘nonsense’

“Like I said earlier, Uganda needs everybody and it’s why many investors are coming,” she blasted local traders adding that her Ministry will never abide by their sectarian demands

Bosco Ogwang Edola, who’s the north and east regional chairperson Chamber of Commerce and Industry, was accused before Minister of using the body for their personal gain.

The traders in unison told Minister they won’t register with CoCI Lira branch because they are the very people conniving with ‘foreign investors’ to ‘kill’ their businesses


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