M7 Roasted on Social Media Over Appointing Visitation Committee to Probe MUK

M7 Roasted on Social Media Over Appointing Visitation Committee to Probe MUK

By Serestino Tusingwire

Many Ugandans have this afternoon reacted on President Museveni’s appointment of a visitation committee that is meant to inquire into the affairs the now closed Makerere University.

The president this morning appointed a 9-man committee chaired by Dr. Abel Rwendeire, who will be deputized by Lady Justice Keturah Katunguka to take a closer look into the affairs of controversial Makerere, hoping to get a lasting solution to unending strikes at the institution.

Other members of the committee include Hon Tim Lwanga, Dr. Florence Muranga, Dr. Proscovia Sentamu, Mr. John F.S. Muwanga, Dr. Paul Musasizi, Dr. Kisoro and Eng. Lumu.

However, many people seem to have not liked the president’s move to recruit the committee, stressing that they will instead chop tax payers money which could have been paid to staff to call off the strike.

It should be remembered that Makerere was closed a few weeks ago following a sit-down strike by the university’s academic staff over salary arrears amounting to Shs28bn.

 See Reactions:

Kabs Kabagambe Swamadu What’s their price!! I guess it’s an equivalent of what the lecturers are dying for. #SteadyRegret

Jonah Tusasirwe Even if there is an inquiry, It won’t solve anything .the last visitation committee’s inquiry outcomes have never been worked upon.

Prince Nkoola Herbert Wairagara Jr. Another way to enjoy tax payers’ dime.

Maggie Kawuma Signs of a falling government

Martin Nzangabo The issue is about salary what else

Keyz Valeria Amon Foolish minded!!! How can you close African No.2 University & start say that you have a vision? I wish they won’t meet him.
Meeting them is not a solution, let them get paid for da last 10 months, and even if the university remain closed.

Derick Wag Freeman ‏@kisengedk you’re Excellency, hope it will be a quick program, some us need to graduate in Jan, it’s my prayer, thanks

Kamoga Arafa ‏@ArafaKamoga open Makerere, the committee can work when students are in class.

nascom culture ‏@wannsystems1  MUK issues are beyond such committees, to me I see as failure by intelligence..My prayer they succeed.

IvanKizito Ssembatya ‏@sbtyakizito  i wonder what these guys know more than the anyother?! just another money siphoning scheme

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