Nutty Neithan, Fille Bonk Live In Studio

Nutty Neithan, Fille Bonk Live In Studio

The latest on the gossip desk indicates that Nutty Neithan and Fille Mutoni have transformed their romance from their recent video ‘What did you do’ to the bedroom.

Our highly placed sources have revealed that Nutty and Fille have been having endless bonking sessions at one of the top music studios in Kampala.

“They record their music from here and they end up having bonking sessions,” revealed the source adding that; “Nutty usually calls us to listen and peep through the window such that we can see and hear how he makes her scream .”

Our snoops have further revealed that Nutty’s girlfriend Empress got to know of the bonking sessions and ordered Nutty never to be with Fille whether its business or not.

This website also understands that in order for Nutty to keep his main relationship, He chose to block Fille on all social media platforms.

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