Why M7, Besigye Are Silent Over Kanyamunyu Saga

Why M7, Besigye Are Silent Over Kanyamunyu Saga

Details have emerged why President Yoweri Museveni has for the past weeks remained noncommittal over the mysterious murder of Kenneth Akena which happened on November 12.

Museveni has opted not to go public to comment over the matter or even visit the alleged scene of that murder in spite of receiving several briefs on the mystery from the leadership of Special Forces Command (SFC), Uganda Police Force, Internal Security Organisation (ISO), External Security Organisation and Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI).

In regard to previous murders that have rocked the country, Museveni would visit the murder scene like was the case in the 2002 murder of city businessman, James Semwezi at Busega, Rubaga Division.

Museveni also toured the murder scene at Lugogo Rugby grounds after the 2010 terrorists’ attacks during the final match of World Football tournament.

In other instances, where Museveni has not been in position to visit the murder scenes; he has been quick in public statements, promising to hunt down the murderers.

He has done so after the murder of prominent Muslim Sheikhs such as: Dakitali Muwaya in Mayuge and Sheikh Bahiga.

In this article, we reveal why Museveni has not yet commented on Akena murder or visited the alleged murder scene.

Regional Factor Among the initial security briefs Museveni received regarding Akena murder indicated that Mathew Kanyamunyu’s lover who was also detained as an accomplice in that murder, Cynthia Munwangari indicated that she is a Burundian national and also a relative of Hafsa Mossi, the former minister of Information in Nkurunziza’s government.

Hafsa was also a member of East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) where she along with Dora Byamukama moved to censure Margret Zziwa as speaker.

Later, Museveni received a security brief with an attachment of a travel pass, indicating Cynthia as Rwandan national.

Such conflict motivated Museveni to telephone the president of Burundi, Pierre Nkurunziza to help him come up with facts to do the authentic details of Cynthia.

Nkurunziza has also since directed his security agencies to establish details that Cynthia father is a business partner of Nkurunziza.

Museveni being the chairman of the summit aimed at resolving the political problems in Burundi, he does not want to make statements detrimental to his other role in Burundi peace efforts.

Much as Museveni has so far received some feedback from Burundi, he is still waiting for more details.

Gun Source Investigations reveal that Museveni’s delay to commit on the matter is because of the other investigations he has ordered for to ascertain the source of the pistol which was used to gun down Akena.

Since Kanyamunyu has a relative within the army, Museveni wants clarity that the source of the pistol is not from the army sources.

As a matter of fact, Kanyamunyu’s links within the army has forced Museveni to have some of the security briefs to him studied further so that there is no cover up.

This explains why Museveni is using multiple units to investigate the murder mystery.

Byanyima Family Factor

Since President Museveni had reconciliation initiative with Boniface Byanyima, father of Winnie Byanyima; he doesn’t want to make hard hitting statements about Kanyamunyu, a relative of Byanyima which can worsen the health condition of Mzee Byanyima.

This murder is not tricky to Museveni only but also to Col. Kizza Besigye who is married to Winnie.

Besigye has also refused to comment on it.

Actually, Besigye last week made attempts of diverting media courage of this murder when he decided to have runs up with police after he appeared before court.

To Besigye’s chagrin, the media didn’t cover a lot his clashes with police and so maintained prominent coverage of Kanyamunyu saga.

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