Arms, Ammunitions Discovered at Nakasero Tabliq Mosque

Arms, Ammunitions Discovered at Nakasero Tabliq Mosque

In a rare operation that was carried out at Nakasero tabliq mosque on Tuesday morning, police discovered some firearms suspected to be used in killing of Muslim clerics.

Emilian Kayima, the Kampala Metropolitan Police Spokesman revealed that police discovered arms from the scene and seized some computers that will help them in investigations. Over 10 people were also arrested in the raid.

“The media has decided to term it as raid, but the Police applied the constitutional mandate of detecting and preventing crime to carry out an operation between 5:00am and 7:00am at Nakasero Mosque on Tuesday,” Kayima said.

“We found arms suspected of being used in the killing of Muslim leaders including 3 magazines, 138 rounds of ammunition, 1 bow and 7 arrows,” he added.

Since the murder of Maj Suleiman Kiggundu in late November, police has intensified investigations mostly targeting Muslim tabliq sect thereby nabbing over 12 people suspected to be in connection with the murder.

It’s worth noting that the Tabliq Muslim sect is under serious scrutiny following allegations that they are the mastermind of the continued killing of Muslim clerics in Uganda.

14 suspects of tabliq sect including their leader Sheikh Yunus Kamoga are being tried in courts of law in connection to the killing of 14 Muslim clerics.


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