December 6, 2016

Elwelu Must Suffer the Consequences of Kasese Massacre — Kasirye Gwanga

Elwelu Must Suffer the Consequences of Kasese Massacre — Kasirye Gwanga

By Serestino Tusingwire

The outspoken presidential security advisory on Buganda region Brig. Kasirye Gwanga attacked the commander behind the Kasese massacre Brig. Peter Elwelu, saying that he abused his powers and will face the consequences.

In an interview with a local Newspaper, Daily Monitor, Gwanga said, Elwelu committed murder against unarmed civilians and will onetime be tried in courts of law.

“He committed murder against unarmed civilians. What they did was dehumanizing! That man is in trouble, he cannot escape this. He will be tried one day. The evidence is simply overwhelming. He will be tried for this criminally reckless conduct,” Gwanga said.

Gwanga also blasted Elwelu’s defensive statement, “We had to go for these terrorists, they were hiding in the palace” that as an army professional, he could have used many other ways to normalize the situation than gunning them down.

Brig. Peter Elwelu
Brig. Peter Elwelu


“Terrorists? We know who terrorists are so he should cut the crap. How does a General attack civilians carrying pangas and knives? Even if a few of them had guns; they should have been identified and targeted!” Brig Gwanga said.

“You just cannot bomb the palace and shoot everyone when you have women, cooks, shamba boys and children there. It is idiocy!” he added.

He therefore noted “That is the problem of showering these young boys with ranks. Brig Elwelu is a Kimaka creation, which is not recognized in the world and he is a general officer.”

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