December 17, 2016

Human rights activist’s home attacked after receiving life-threatening messages

Human rights activist’s home attacked after receiving life-threatening messages

Christmas period is always a joyful season where even people from abroad come back home to meet their families.

However, it is still in the same season that crime goes up. People from abroad are among the most targeted during this period.

This year on December 5, a case of attempted theft was registered at Mpala Police Station, Entebbe under reference number 13/05/12/16 by Mwenyango F. as the complainant.

According to Mwenyango, she was attacked by unknown people in a tinted car after rumors that Alex Semambo, the owner of the attacked home is back from abroad were his believed to be.

Semambo is a Ugandan born human rights activist and filmmaker.  According to our sources he was invited as a special guest at one of the world’s biggest gay film festival in Rochester New York  to discuss about his experience as a filmmaker as well as an activist, He is also the director of a non-profit organisation called Open Youth Society Travel Festival based in Kampala.

“As a filmmaker, I hope to bring worldwide attention to pressing issues in Africa including the abuse and violence towards women and inequality,” he says.

Semambo has directed and produced a number of films including Omununuzzi (The Girl Power), Bamulazeki (The Hidden Blood), a documentary film titled born gay, that advocates for public acceptance and legal protection of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transsexual, Queer, Intersex, Asexual community in Uganda.

He has also produced a number of short, educational films for television networks.

“After producing the born gay documentary, I started receiving threats and it is one of the reasons why I left Uganda. Actually, it is still unknown whether the recent attacks on my family are related to that film,” he adds.

After knowing what happened to his family, Semambo advises all people from abroad who are planning to go back to Uganda during this festive season not to show off if they are to enjoy the season without being attacked.

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