Motorists Petition High Court Over New Car Inspection Policy

Motorists Petition High Court Over New Car Inspection Policy

By Serestino Tusingwire

The group of Motorists has petitioned the high court to halt the new vehicle inspection campaign saying it’s unlawful.

The minister of works and transport Monica Azuba Ntege in November launched the campaign that is aimed at eliminating all vehicles that are in bad mechanical condition saying that they are the main cause of accidents and air pollution.

However, Gideon Tugume, the chief complainant said, it is illegal because the ministry of works did not engage road users to teach them about the new policy, and therefore it is just aimed at soliciting money from poor Ugandans.

“We went to court because we think there are fraudulent ways being introduced by some individuals in the government and other companies to go and start getting money from Ugandans without informing them.” Tugume said.

The petition was filed before the high court on December 8.

Mid next year, all cars that shall be on the road shall be tested and verified by vehicle Inspection Company known as SGS automated Uganda.

The inspection fees which will range from Shs14, 000 to 90,000 will be charged from the Motorists while cyclists will be charged Shs54, 752.

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