Mumbere’s Love for Witchcraft Exposed

Mumbere’s Love for Witchcraft Exposed

Following the pictures that emerged with the Rwenzururu King, Charles Wesley Mumbere decorated with fetishes all over the body; many have come out to say that he the kingdom might be ruled on witchcraft.

There are also allegations that Mumbere was also nabbed naked while his chief witch-doctor performed surgery on his short stabbing like assegai manhood with intensions of inserting some magic talisman from DRC which would repel bullets during battle which was underway.

This website understands that the police has been gathering information about the king.

The information on ground is that the King believes in witchcraft.

Police sources have revealed that by the time of his arrest, he was wearing fetishes and other charms.

Recently, UPDF 2nd Division Commander Brigadier Peter Elwelu said that the Rwenzururu kingdom is ruled on purely witchcraft.

“That institution was being commanded by witchcraft. Most of the activities there were purely witchcraft, you could find they have a number of witch doctors,” confidently said Brigadier Elwelu.

Omusinga ‘wired’ with charms


He further said that nakedness is the order of the day at the palace

“I have gone to that palace like three times, every time you go there you find people naked. You find men and women naked. I said but what is happening here? I prayed to God that I should never go back there because of what I was seeing.”

This website understands that Brigadier Peter Elwelu was the commander of the operation that raided and took over the Omusinga’s palace.

Upon the raid, over 100 people died, 139 royal guards arrested and Omusinga Charles Wesley Mumbere nabbed like a chicken thief.

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